Tata Motors is pursuing an aspirational journey towards achieving sustainable, zero-emission, e-mobility solutions towards protecting the environment. Tata Prima E.28K is a step towards the endeavour in achieving this aspiration. The Tata Prima E.28K is offered with a battery capacity of 453 kWh, which provides an operating range of 150 to 200km ideal for tipper applications. Equipped with 245Kw traction motor providing max torque of 2950Nm at 3000 rpm, 2 Speed auto shift e-GBox with PTO provision, this tipper is configured with 18m3 box body suitable for most applications with proven aggregates ensuring better product reliability and life.


  • Multi-information cluster
  • Advanced infotainment system - 7" infotainment screen with touch screen, Bluetooth compatibility & auxiliary connect support
  • Easy navigation with phone mirroring, saved maps and flexibility for usage in remote locations
  • Mobile pairing & compatibility enabling attending calls, reading SMS and playing videos without holding phones
  • Elegant steering wheel with controls to navigate infotainment system, paired phone functions for convenience controlling etc.
  • Projector headlamps with DRLs (daytime running lights) with integrated cornering lamps
  • Enhanced day & night running illumination with best-in-class front head lamps
  • LED Fog lamps introduction to cater to extreme rainy and winter seasons, and different terrain driving conditions
  • Safety Lamps - LED side repeater, door ajar & pedal lamps for enhanced safety
  • Hill Start Aid (HSA) - provides automatic roll brake functions allowing the driver to comfortably start uphill by preventing the vehicle from rolling backwards
  • 'Fleet Edge' Advanced telematics solutions with Prognostics, preventive maintenance solutions, energy mode switch with connected solutions like 'over the air' calibration
  • Option of Electronic Stability Control (ESC) - Automatically intervenes where vehicle stability enters a critical area, improves directional stability and mitigates roll-over by reducing the speed
  • Driver Monitoring System (DMS) alerts the driver in case the driver is feeling drowsy and distracted
  • Option of Collision Mitigation System (CMS) - Mitigates a high-speed crash and increases safety - Avoids collision and reduces accidents and related fatal chances and costs
  • Option of Lane Departure Warning System (LDWS) - Camera-based warning system that helps keep the vehicle to stay in lane. Warns the driver with visual, audible, or haptic signals. Helps to avoid potential collisions and run-off-road accidents
  • Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) for better fuel efficiency, enhanced tyre life
  • Truck Unitized Bearing - Enhanced Service life & Lower rolling friction leading to improved fuel efficiency
  • Washable moulded cabin interior trims for enhanced maintainability & serviceability
  • Suspended driver seat & Twin accommodation co-driver seats for enhanced comfort & convenience


  • Shallow mining, mineral movement, bulk cargo movement, port application

Technical Specifications:

  • Parameter Description
  • GVW 28000kg
  • Battery Pack
    LFP Battery Pack (150kWh to 400KWh with 230Ah Cell) 660VDC
  • Traction Motor
    6 Phase PM Motor Peak Power 245KW, Peak torque- 2950Nm,
  • Charger Specification CCS2 (2nos)
  • Gearbox 2 Speed auto shift e-Gbox with PTO provision
  • Rear axle Tata RA-210HR-T with 6.14 RAR
  • Parameter Description
  • Tires 11 x 20-18 PR Mining Tires
  • Suspension Front Parabolic Rubber Bush and Rear 37T optimised Bogie suspension
  • LB Capacity 18m3 box
  • Range 150-200km
  • Grade-ability Tipper body
    44.15 % (at 28T) 28% (at 40.4T) 18m3 Box body
  • Brakes Drum S Cam air brake (Noise free Liners), EBS with HAS