Tiago.ev has been re-energized with an electrifying

The Bold and Crafted Design has an Exhilarating and Energizing customer appeal. Specialized higher-performance tech adds excitement and boosts confidence, providing a surge in driving pleasure for the spirited driver. Amplifying the design with performance car body kit, the glossy black wheel arch extensions create a high contrast with the pearlescent clean Frost white body colour, giving a progressive technical presence.

The larger R15 supersport light-weight alloy wheels with lower profile tyres add to the ease of driving, better control and precision, along with complementing the flared wheel arch extensions. Customers now expect the same excitement and engagement as computer games in real time. A multi-level regeneration can be monitored in real time on the Instrument Cluster visualizing information seamlessly in a stimulating format.

A host of tech features provides exceptional levels of sophistication to the inherent dynamic package, making sure it breezes through crowded urban environments as well as open roads