The HARRIER is engineered on the Optimal Modular Efficient Global Advanced Architecture (OMEGARC) and takes forward the brand's rich legacy of combining stunning design language with the proven capability of its architecture that is derived from Land Rover's legendry D8 platform - the gold standard of SUVs worldwide. The OMEGARC architecture is equipped with front crumple zones for efficient crash energy management coupled with high-strength steel used in the body structure for enhanced vehicle safety.

Key highlights:

The HARRIER comes with 6 Airbags - Driver and passenger side, two side airbags in the front seats along with two inflatable curtain airbags. In an event of an accident, the impact sensor signals the airbag control unit which then takes the decision to fire the airbags based on the severity of crash. In such a scenario, the airbag inflator fills the gases in the cushion causing it to inflate. These inflated airbags deploy in milliseconds and act as a bolster to protect the occupants, reducing risk of injury.

Frontal Airbags - Driver Airbag located in the steering wheel and co-driver airbag located in the dashboard provide head and chest protection in an event of a frontal accident.

Seat Airbags - Driver and co-driver seat side airbags provide occupant with thorax and abdomen protection in an event of side accident.

Curtain Airbags - Side curtain airbags are located above the doors in the roof on both the driver and co-driver sides to provide effective head protection for outboard occupants in an event of side accident.

In addition to the 6 airbags, additional safety features as mentioned below make the Harrier a safe place for its occupants:

Passive Safety Features

  • Collapsible steering column for efficient energy absorption
  • Anti-submarining seats
  • Seat belt pre-tensioner for driver and load limiter for driver & co-driver
  • Child seat ISOFIX anchor points for second row outer seats
  • Fuel cut-off and door unlock during a crash event

Active Safety Features

  • Electronic parking brake with auto hold
  • All Wheel Disc Brake
  • Advanced ESP with 17 added functionalities
    • - Panic Brake Alert
    • - After Impact Braking
    • - Driver Doze Off Alert
    • - Anti-lock Braking System, Electronic Traction Control & Electronic Stability Control
    • - Corner Stability Control
    • - Hill Hold Control & Hill Descent Control
    • - Electronic Brake Force Distribution
    • - Off-road ABS
    • - Roll Over Mitigation
    • - Brake Disc Wiping
  • Electronic Brake Pre-Fill
  • Hydraulic Brake Assist
  • Hydraulic Fading Compensation
  • Dynamic Wheel Torque by Brake