Tata Motors is bringing two new exciting Turbocharged Gasoline Direct Injection (TGDi) engines for the customers who believe in powertrain solutions offering exhilarating experience. These new engines come in engine capacity of 1.2L and 1.5L and would be capable of enhancing character of new cars from Tata Motors family. These turbocharged engines with high-tech Gasoline direct injection technology of petrol will deliver right balance between power, refinement and fuel economy.

Key highlights:

  • Light weight yet rigid all Aluminium structure for improved engine stiffness
  • High pressure Gasoline Direct Injection technology coupled with advanced combustion system for improved performance as well as fuel economy
  • Class leading cutting edge engine technologies such as Dual Cam phasing, variable Oil pump, integrated exhaust manifold in cylinder head to deliver best of performance combined with fuel economy
  • Water cooled variable geometry Turbocharger for superior torque delivery right from low end for fun to drive experience
  • Maintenance free Valve train and Timing Chain technologies offering highly reliable engine with low cost of ownership experience to customers
  • Refinement features at the core of engine design to offer quiet and convenient experience combined with high performance
  • Advanced Exhaust after treatment system to ensure lower emissions and hence environment friendly engines meeting most strict emission norms

Technical Specifications:

  • Parameter 1.2L TGDi Engine 1.5L TGDi Engine
  • Engine Type 3 Cyl, Turbocharged 4 Cyl, Turbocharged
  • Engine Displacement 1198 CC 1498 CC
  • Max Power 125PS @ 5000rpm 170PS @ 5000rpm
  • Max Torque 225Nm@ 1700-3500rpm 280Nm@ 2000-3500rpm
  • Emissions Compliance Bharat Stage 6, Phase 2 Bharat Stage 6, Phase 2
  • Fuel Type Gasoline & E20 Gasoline & E20